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SFL Endseal Tape

PVC tape to provide temporary protection of the cutback of pipe coated in a pipe coating plant.
A flexible polyvinyl chloride tape coated with a rubber resin pressure sensitive adhesive. It’s main use is temporary protection of the cutback area of plant-applied pipe coatings against of water that may lead to detrimental effects in this area like corrosion and plant coating disbondment.

SFL RockShield

Thick polyethylene mesh for protecting pipeline coatings from rocky backfills and other damage.
SFL RockShield is a thick polyethylene mesh for protecting pipeline coatings from rocky backfills. It cushions the impact of rocks or hard backfill which can cause damage to installed coating systems. It also offers protection from abrasive objects after installation of coated systems, prohibiting geologic movements from damaging pipelines. It can also be used for offshore purposes to protect against impact damage by lay barge rollers, anchors, rock placement, infill and fishing (trawl) activities.

Covalence® 2 Layer Series

Wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeves, ready-to-fit assembly for corrosion protection.
The products are two-layer field-joint coating systems designed for corrosion protection of pipelines operating at ambient to moderate temperatures on field girth weld joints in distribution and transmission pipeline systems.

Covalence® 3 Layer HTLP Series

Heat-shrinkable, 3-layer field joint coating system.
A three-layer system consisting of a 100% solids two-component liquid epoxy primer and a heat shrink sleeve made from a high shear strength co-polymer adhesive and irradiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene backing. This coating system replicates the structure and the performance of factory applied three-layer PE coatings.

Covalence® Coating Repair

A heat-applied coating repair system.
A thick, heat-applied patch made from HDPE backing and high performance adhesive offering an effective and high-quality repair system for pipeline coatings. An epoxy primer is optionally used for 3-layer pipeline coatings.

Covalence® Dirax HDD Heat-Shrinkable Sleeves

Fiber reinforced heat-shrinkable sleeve for field joint protection during directional drilling.
A high performance fiberglass reinforced sleeve specifically designed for girth weld corrosion protection for PE, PP and FBE coated pipes used for horizontal or directional drilling (HDD-Pull Through) applications. The reinforcement gives the backing greater abrasion and gouge resistance.

Covalence® Heat-Shrinkable Sleeves for Pre-insulated Pipe

Heat-shrinkable, wraparound sleeves for pre-insulated pipe joint sealing applications.
The product range includes joint casings, sealing heat-shrink sleeves (wrap-around and tubular), foaming hole closures, primary joint foam seal, end caps and sealants.

Covalence® Heat Shrinkable Tapes and Molded Parts

A stretchable, hand-wrapped, heat-shrinkable tape or a shrinkable moulded part.
Consists of a flexible, irradiation cross-linked, low density polyethylene backing and a high-shear strength co-polymer adhesive. Applicable in corrosion protection of pipe bends up to 12" or DN300 pipes and corrosion protection of small house tap tees in distribution networks.

Covalence® Heat Shrinkable Sleeves for Flanges

A wraparound heat-shrinkable sleeve with high shrink ratio and a protective cardboard under-sheet.
The heat-shrinkable sleeve consists of an irradiation cross-linked, high density polyethylene with a low preheat visco-elastic sealant that keep the flange bolts and nuts free from foreign substances such as mastics.

Covalence® High Shrinking Series

Heat-shrinkable bell & spigot (socket) joint corrosion protection coating.
Typically used on steel or ductile iron pipes coated with polyethylene, concrete or other coatings such as paint, zinc, etc. MEPS/HEPS/MPSM are also used to coat reducers, bends and dielectric joints. They have a 2 layer construction consisting in a visco-elastic adhesive sealant and a thick walled, irradiation cross-linked, and high density polyethylene.

Covalence® Filler Adhesives

Adhesive fillers for various applications in tape form on rolls with a release film for easy handling.
Adhesive fillers for various applications in tape form on rolls with a release film for easy handling.

Covalence® Pipe Casing End Seals

A heat-shrinkable, wrap-around, fibre-reinforced sleeve for casing/service pipe sealing.
The fiberglass reinforced woven structure generates a high expansion ratio to accommodate the diameters of casing and service pipe and the visco-elastic adhesive assures an excellent bond between the sleeve and bare- or pre-coated pipe.

Covalence® Tubular Shrink Sleeves

A thick wall, heat-shrinkable tubular sleeve with high shrink ratio allowing irregular shapes to be coated easily.
The tubular sleeves are typically used for small diameters and high percentage transitions. They can also be used on small diameter bends, like riser bends and as protection of anchor tie rods. Product Enquiry

CCB Internal Joint Protection

The most effective way of protecting a pipeline’s internal girth weld from corrosion.
The CCB sleeve protects internal girth welds from corrosion with a double set of O-rings compressed between the the fitting’s outside diameter and the pipe’s internal parent coating.

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